How do you determine the depth of wells in our area?
We use the knowledge we have acquired since 1892 and the computerized records supplied by the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority.

What do you charge?
Prices are usually based on footage and the area where the well is drilled. In some cases an hourly rate is charged.

How far do you have to be from the house, septic tank, etc.?
In Saskatchewan there are no regulations governing the distance a well has to be from a dwelling or property line, but we recommend you check the local bylaws. We recommend that wells be located at least 27ft. from any septic tank and 50ft. from any septic field.

How much water do I need?
Over a 24-hour period only a fraction of a gallon per minute (GPM) is required, however at peak times it is good to have at least 5 GPM if available.

Do we do the well hook-up and septic tank?
We specialize in water well drilling and installing commercial pumps and pitless units, etc. Domestic well hook-ups and septic tanks are done by plumbing or excavation contractors.

Will we need to install a water softener?
Most well water in Saskatchewan is hard and needs to be softened as desired.

What is a well screen and will we need one?
A well screen is essentially a stainless steel filter and is required in areas where water is obtained from a sand or gravel aquifer.

Where should the well go on the property?
Ideally, wells should be located on higher ground away from a dwelling, but within a reasonable distance so that it is always accessible. We also recommend that wells be located at least 27ft. from any septic tank and 50ft. from any septic field.

Why is my well not the same depth as my neighbour's?
Wells are often the same depth in an area but not always. There is no absolute.

Will there be a big mess?
Unfortunately there is always a mess. Only the degree varies.

Are there grants available?
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture offers a Farm Grant. The current program is the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program. They can be contacted directly at 1-877-874-5365

What is the purpose of grouting the casing?
Grouting the casing helps prevent surface contaminants from entering an aquifer. In flowing Artesian wells it prevents water from migrating to the surface beside the casing.

How long will my well last and how long is my warranty?
While there is no absolute, most wells last from 20 to 75 years. Our wells are covered by a 1-year warranty.

Should water be tested?
To ensure that the well and plumbing system is safe, all new wells should be tested after the well has been hooked up and the system has been chlorinated. For details on testing you can contact the local laboratory facilities.

Do you drill in winter?
Winter drilling is dependent on the weather.